She crossed the living room and paused at the door, looking through the peep hole.

and minimal details, such as demure petals, bows or fancy trim.

Show 7.

Learn the definition of peep and how to use it in a sentence. Peer 5. Tony ca n't resist the chance to have a peep in Deborah 's underwear drawer, with disastrous consequences. Emerge 8. Poor man, I pitied him, and when the girls were gone, took just one more peep to see if he survived it. As there is clinical equipoise you can also change to the High PEEP strategy, although there is no specific reason to do so. With its unusual, slit-style peep toe and demure, adjustable silver buckle, it's the type of shoe that can wear just as well with a sleek suit as with a classic little black dress.

All Rights Reserved. To A Daisy Daisies tall, yet demure, along our way, With golden eyes they peep from lacy frills. Some will have just round cut outs, for the ultimate peep fantasy. Peep into a bumblebee's nest and you'll find trickery, fighting and mayhem. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow.

98 examples: She sat there, peeping at us, seemingly pleased with herself and with our… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile She dared one peep at the gay company.

To-morrow, at first peep of day. And now was the peep of day. Look for peep toes that reveal a touch of that pretty pedicure, or try a cork wedge that elongates the legs and pairs well with all of your skirts and dresses.Lulchiny's Gim Me sandals ($79.95) are the very definition of intense. A simple black clutch and black peep toe heels work well with both long and short dresses.

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with awe and she hadn't made a single fussy, I've urged the company to drill and tap the receiver for a Lyman or Williams receiver, No matter how small the window, the writer must awaken a desire and curiosity in the soul to, It was amazing, because there was not one, I tried ignoring the painful feeling and concentrated on not making a, All three will be open during the week, giving non-masons a rare, Vast swathes of ideological ground have been abandoned without a, He let me know I'd woken him up with a little chirp, then once I'd settled down, he emitted another kitty, The parakeet flew up and landed on her shoulder with another, The little animal glanced back up at her but soon returned to its apple with a flippant, Tobias the cat lived in harmony with Daisy the Border collie, Timmy the mouse, and a, I didn't see it, but from what I hear it's rather snazzy, and all the necessary bells and whistles chime and, With Norma ammunition, a Type 99 short rifle in good condition with its, Usenet sites that exist solely for the swapping of copyrighted movies and software have existed for ten years with nary a, This, of course, contradicted years of NFL statements, and there has been nary a, The nickelodeon was a new business, a novelty, something between a circus and a, The movie lifts the lid on this seething cauldron of unspoken, unspeakable shame, takes a good long, This film elicited complaints from some on the left, but not a, This open secrecy served its purpose, says, The press politely looked the other way, never uttering a, She actually couldn't pass the door without a quick, When Hilmer hobbled the paper's budget, not a, I really just didn't want to hear another, The cupola tender observes the furnace through the sight glass or, Street lights illuminate the zig-zag paths to the front doors, TV aerials, Needless to say, Richards did not get another, They are brilliant if your legs are less than perfect and those designed to be worn with, In her complaint, she 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overglaze painted figures the three blue lines will, My little one, you see, going round with me to have a, Wheres that closed-sight gun you brought out last week, the one with the, In the upper end of this stick a very small hole is bored for a sight, similar to a, There are two kinds of sights on the rear sight leaf, the open and, The following illustration shows the normal sight when the, The above illustration shows the correct alignment of the, The top of the front sight and not the bull's-eye is focused in the center of the, I aimed just in front of him and pulled the trigger as his head appeared in the, It would not be more than ten or twelve miles, and so I should get a, But come here, my young gallants, and take a, While Gilbert leaned up against the doorjamb with emotion, Rousseau took a last, In fact, until I reached Brindisi I had only once attempted to, Why, I've been longing for years to learn how peeper frogs, Poor man, I pitied him, and when the girls were gone, took just one more, Some anonymous Paul Pry, too, coming down the mountain, once got a, But moppet had been too much frightened to, They have no speech of their own, but use the stolen words which they overhear when they listen, and, Her feet, though wholly exposed, were as diminutive and fairly shaped as those which, Her hair did shine like glistering gold, and her eyes were like blue violets that, Captain MacElrath was a small man, just comfortably able to, Morning arrived, and the boys, as usual, were up at the first, The instructor sights it on some object showing the normal and, While this scene was going on in the men's sleeping-room, the reader may be curious to take a, And her kind thoughts sped away as if they were angels and had wings, and flying down the river to Chatham and Rochester, strove to, Jo saw a big red headed youth approaching her corner, and fearing he meant to engage her, she slipped into a curtained recess, intending to.

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