For those in the UK: MySupermarket is a great website for comparing prices, so you can do you research to see who has the best offers for the week. Soup is such an easy meal top take to work so why not stick it on your meal plan? Your email address will not be published. If you like a smooth soup all you need is a stick blender, the cheap ones work just fine, a ladle and a flask if you want to take it to work. This is a really cheap and easy meal to make for all the family, well worth trying out for fussy children. Budget Slimming World meal plan Monday. Breakfast: Breakfast egg muffins, 3.5 syns for 4 muffins. If you are new to Slimming World and looking for tips of how it works check out. Potatoes are so cheap all year round so using them in recipes is always a great way to make a budget meal. Be sure if you check out anything though to look at the tasty desserts I share here. There are so many great food diaries too so you can record your meal plans and track your weight loss to keep a record of the good and bad weeks. Sounds weird but is lovely!

A good way to make use of a little bit of left over cheese. This is a lovely dish to have on it's own or with other meals. Follow my plan below (changing the portions to what you fancy) and see if you lose weight.

This is so easy to pop in the slow cooker before a long day out of the house. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Making sure you only buy the fruit and vegetables in season will mean better quality and less costly, as they will not be imported.

I’ve been known to get things like bay leaves for free because they’re so light they don’t even register on the cashier’s scales…, Your email address will not be published. Also choose ground meats over cuts of meat. Our tuna pasta bake is a cheap and cheesy treat that’s easy to make and totally on plan if you’re Food Optimising. This recipe is super easy and super cheap. Beans and pulses like lentils, chickpeas and similar are so cheap they are a great way to make a meal. Set a day aside each week to do some batch cooking of a few Slimming World recipes. You are following the Slimming World plan but have a limited budget. Using cheap items like syn free or low syn sausages can be cheap meat to add to a meal too. Check out one of my previous posts which can be found. Lovely and tasty for all the family, children who love mashed potato will love it and not notice the sneaky vegetables inside. The recipe links below are to recipes both on my website and also those of others, all shared with their permission and all look amazing!

Please do also share it on social media with your friends and family. Keeping ingredients to a minimum is a great way to save money on your meals. website.

If you have found this post helpful or enjoyed reading it please scroll down and leave a comment for me it makes a huge difference and really makes me smile. If you have the store cupboard ingredients already and use frozen chicken this can be under £5 or use a cheaper cut like chicken thigh instead. I have a Morrisons syn free salad dressing I like to add too. Well if you are any of those things or more you have come to the right place.

Instead, buy 1 or 2 a week as you need them until you have gradually built up a supply. Also freeze some items in containers or zip lock bags if you think you will not get round to using them. Average is good enough. A real family favourite on a budget. You can buy a 1kg bag of lentils for about £2, that can make quite a few meals. Here is a list of all the current Slimming World speed vegetables. into a flavour-packed meal that doesn’t sacrifice filling power. Your email address will not be published. Whether you follow Slimming World or not adding vegetables to your meal not only adds vitamin c and all the nutrients in vegetables but will also help you lead a more balanced healthy lifestyle and potentially lose weight! Soup is a great way to use up cheap vegetables that are getting a little past their best. The reasons the specific vegetables are deemed as speed vegetables is because they have a low-calorie density. *. And if you’ve got some chicken leftover in the fridge, you can throw that into the mix to make this one-pot wonder even more satisfying.

MORE ON THE BLOG: 4 ways to transform your leftovers. I know it is quicker and easy to just buy a tray of chicken breasts or thighs, but did you know you could save quite a bit of money by buying a whole chicken instead and cutting it up yourself? I love Amazon and spend so much on Amazon prime. Fancy a fried chicken takeaway? 11.

Things like baked oatmeal are one of my favourites (a big bag of just plain ole porridge oats is so cheap) or one of these delicious Slimming World desserts  and they are so much more satisfying to.

Making the most of your leftovers is a sure-fire way to stay on top of your budget. Check out my recipe here. You could substitute half of the mince in a bolognese for lentils and no one would even notice! Ready prepared packs are often twice the price or more. Slimming World groups and our vibrant online community are full of money-saving meal ideas to help you manage your budget during your weight loss journey – and you can find out more about joining Slimming World here. Etsy is great for kitchen and weight loss goodies. Head on over to my RECIPE INDEX for over 900 Slimming World & Weight Watchers recipes for you to browse through, all fully searchable by meal type, Ingredients, syn value and WW Smart Points etc. To prevent wastage and to make sure that I always have Slimming World friendly wholemeal bread in when I want it I’ve bought a loaf and divided it up into two slice portions which I’ve put in separate freezer bags in the freezer. More people in the UK choose to attend a Slimming World group each week than any other weight loss group.

By making batches of food that can be eaten over a few days, not only are you reducing food waste and keeping costs down but you’re also making sure that you have syn free or low syn food in the fridge to keep you on track! Instead, stick to the outer aisle where the fresh produce is and you won’t be tempted by the unhealthy stuff.

Meals that fit your diet but won't break the bank. Why not give it a try? Instead create your own versions of some of your favourite take away dishes at home.

These Freezer Friendly recipes might come in handy for that. This means if you eat 100g of spinach for example it is just 23 calories and obviously 100g of anything would fill you up significantly. I found slimming world to be very successful but also very expensive and with having a family it got to the point where i was spending more on food a month than my rent lol. For fish, the cheapest meals to make involve perhaps a cheap can of tuna or a fish pie pack containing a mixture of bits. It is the responsibility of the Reader to assure the products or ingredients they use in any recipes from Slimming Eats are allergen-free (gluten-free, egg-free and/or dairy-free, for example) or Vegetarian friendly. Prices correct at the time of publication. This is so tasty and creamy you really won't remember you are trying to eat healthily on a budget!

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