Each morning I wake up in the morning; the thought of knowing that you are with me makes my life complete. You’ve been the love of my life, and nothing can change that.

I’ll never give up trying to be my best lady for you. You’ve given my life a brand new look, and I’m happy with the feeling. Your presence in my life has brought not just love and care. This is just the best you can find anywhere, Pingback: 50 Good Morning Paragraphs for Him - Best Love Messages, I have found the best messages on the internet. I long to talk, but nobody can tell me the things I love as you do. My love for you is like a spell with no antidote. I will always choose to fall in love with you all over again if people still fall in love in heaven.


It feels good being your lover.

You love me in a special way with each passing day, and I want you to know that I’m really honoured to be with you, my love.

I promise to make your happiness my priority every day, and to you, I vow my last breath. You build our love to grow more with each passing day. 6. – My days have become longer as I’m counting each and every second until you return back to me. You mean the absolute world to me, not only are you an amazing boyfriend but you’re the perfect best friend! I cannot bring myself to fathom what my life would look like without having you in it. 81.

I want to forget everything and love you with my whole heart.

I love you so much, sweetheart. Every passing day with you gives me enough reason to believe our love only keeps getting stronger. 9. You top the list of what I need every day. You can hold my hands and take my whole life because I am in love with you. – No matter how far away we are from each other, our love will cover every distance. Good night, babe! Thank you for being the best thing ever. How to tell your boyfriend how much he means to you?

I love you. 77. When I’m around you, I feel on top of the world. Your superpower is effortlessly spreading happiness to people around you, and its effect is mindblowing. How To Make Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text ? I love to love you, baby, because you represent the meaning of life for me, and I will always adore you. Feel free to steal them or adapt them to your own personal message. 17. I love you beyond the stars, my dearest. I just want to remind you of how much I love and cherish you.

Thousands of gems are worthless because they can’t give me the feeling of completeness your love brings. Picturing my life without you at this point is impossible and I just wanted to let you know that.

The feeling I get from the love you pour on me takes me up to the sky, and I don’t want this feeling to end for anything in the world. – As each second pass I know that I’m one second closer to be with you again. A well composed cute love paragraph with sweet words cannot truly express how much you mean to me and describe how your special love for me makes me feel happier each and every day. I want to kiss your lips, touch your face and tell you welcome.

The happiness that swells inside of me when we walk together compares to nothing in the world. I will only stop loving you when the fish live on lands. 27. – Even though you are far away from me, your warm feeling still makes me feel you are beside me.


Your coming into my life ticked all my boxes, and no one completes me as you do.

After going through hectic day, you always refresh me with your unconditional love. [25+ Tips To Impress Her], How To Impress A Girl Over Text: 25 Tips To Win Her Heart.

After a stressful day at work, your care is always there to refresh my body and mind. I pray to see your handsome face every day because it’s a blessing. When I imagine how our future will be, my heart beats faster. You understand me much more than I know myself. You’re my blessing in disguise and I’m grateful to God for bringing you into my life because from the moment you came into my life, I’ve been swimming in a pool of boundless happiness and unspeakable joy and unending love.

You’re all that I have, and with you, I have everything I need.

I love you, baby.

I don’t mind growing older, so as long as I’m with you.

I love you to the moon and back, my prince charming. You are my best friend, my soulmate and my lover. 70. I love you, baby. I just wanted to tell you that you’re so funny! I love you more than the stars. I am blessed to have someone as special as you are and I vow to always cherish and love and respect you. I hope our love waxes stronger and lasts till eternity.

Several single persons are busy waiting for love. You are the perfect match for me, and I’m so fortunate to be yours. Our vision is to empower women in their lives and relationships. 83. We will always find our way into each other’s life.

We have grown a bond that will remain till eternity. I tried to keep it all inside but I couldn’t. I’m aware of your love that brightens my world like a star and lights up my face with a smile.

You are kind and generous, and I can’t stop myself from loving you, my sunshine. No matter what comes my way, with you, I will always overcome every difficulty and obstacle on my way to greater heights. When I asked God for a friend, He gave me more than what I asked for because He gave me you. I have no regrets so far because I am living my best life with you in my life. You are my champion now and forever! And yes, f__ing you like mad lol.

You will always be in my heart. Love you, honey. Your care and love protect me from every dart of pain and loneliness. We’ve got a flame that would last forever, and nothing has the power to tear this relationship apart. And just so you know, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in life, always have and always will.

60+ Sweet Long Distance Love Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend, What To Do After First Date With A Guy - Best Text Examples To Help You, Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas For Boyfriend 2019, Should You Text Him First? 36. You possess much more than what I could have wished for in a man. I’m all yours as you are all I’ve got. You have ultimately captured my heart, and now I live for you. I love you with all of me, baby.

I pray that I will always be able to give you what you need in life and that you will always be there to hold my hand and that you will continue to walk with me on this journey that we call life.

With you in my life, I’ll remain the luckiest woman on earth. I will cherish you forever until my last breath. Words can’t explain my emotions towards you.

Everything makes perfect sense now that you are in the picture.



– You may not be here with me but your love is always in my heart and it will help me get through these difficulty days. You are the ground that I stand on, my knight in shining armor. Everything is wonderful and amazing with you around.

These paragraphs for your boyfriend are long, sweet, romantic, and cute. 67. I can’t just tell why your thoughts will never cease to roam in my heart.

I agree that being in love is beautiful.

You’re the best companion any lady could ever wish for, and I am so lucky to have you. – Falling in love with you is one of the best moments of my life.

I’m pretty sure it would spell out the word “Terrible.” You are everything to me. I’ll keep blessing the very moment I crossed paths with you. The only one my heart beats for all the time. Waiting for you to come back to me. I will always love you without limits because no one else deserves the love I have for you. Your action says it all. – My world has gone dark ever since you left me. It’s just you, baby. I love you more than you can imagine. 52. I love you till the end of time, my love.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'motivationandlove_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_28',120,'0','0'])); 44. You’re my man of my dream, my knight in shining armour, my muse, my confidant, my prince charming and the King of my heart. I want you to know that there’s no me without you. I’m honoured to be with you because will you, there’s no dull and boring moment, as life is full of gaiety and love whenever you are around. 56. I love you more than you know, my dearest. My whole body feels alive to have found true love in you.

97. Your warm body and soul kept me alive during the cold.

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