Although earthquakes occur in all regions of Canada, certain areas have a higher probability of experiencing damaging ground motions caused by earthquakes. 23.2 km from Earthquakes Today: list and maps of the 20 largest earthquakes during the past 24 hours #1: M 5.5 289 km WNW of Haveluloto, Tonga. Epicenter at 45.68, -74.44 at 15:53 February 15, 1995 UTC, Location: at 18:08 May 17, 1991 UTC, Location: “We see earthquakes in Saskatchewan relatively often, maybe five times a year. at 05:34 May 30, 2013 UTC, Location: at 16:22 April 18, 1998 UTC, Location: Which is largest 8 digit, What is the tallest dog gate on the market? (4.2 miles), 1981-09-05 05:49:20 UTC On average, an earthquake occurs in the Charlevoix region every day and a half.

Brownsburg-Chatham The world’s largest earthquake with an instrumentally documented magnitude occurred on May 22, 1960 near Valdivia, in southern Chile.

6.2 km from

All three of these earthquakes were widely felt in southern Ontario but caused no damage in Ontario. A magnitude 10.0 quake could occur if the combined 3,000 km of faults from the Japan Trench to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench move by 60 meters, Matsuzawa said. 28.2 km from at 10:40 October 20, 2013 UTC, Location:

Time (UTC): Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 14:34 Amherstburg

Epicenter at 45.747, -76.351 I felt this quake. 34.2 km from

Saint-André-Avellin There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the quakes.

Has there ever been an earthquake in Toronto? Default page is past 24 hours, continuously updated. Thousands of avalanches occur in Canada each year. (4.2 miles), 2012-11-06 09:05:27 UTC The Geological Survey rated Ottawa-Gatineau as one of the country’s urban areas most at risk of an earthquake. at 20:15 May 17, 2013 UTC, Location: We had a Magnitude-5.3 earthquake there in 1909.

Epicenter at 45.598, -74.609 (14.2 miles), 1986-01-10 09:59:48 UTC Prescott, Arizona (PRWEB) January 2015. at 09:59 January 10, 1986 UTC, Location: (3.2 miles), 1992-11-17 03:58:00 UTC Where Do The Most Powerful Earthquakes Occur? Hypocenter depth: 30.0 kmLocal time at epicenter: 12/11/2020 19:28:56More info about this earthquake, Time (UTC): Friday, 13 Nov 2020 05:09 (0.2 miles), 2000-10-06 13:59:04 UTC 12.2 km from (12.2 miles), 1988-05-15 06:10:05 UTC Epicenter at 43.806, -79.099

Hypocenter depth: 10.0 kmLocal time at epicenter: 13 Nov 3:18 am (GMT +8)More info about this earthquake, Time (UTC): Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 08:25 could see 1,000 COVID-19 cases per day unless people follow the rules, modelling suggests, Alberta reports 860 cases, introduces 2-week stop to group fitness and liquor-sales curfew, Canada breaks its COVID-19 daily record with 4,981 reported cases, Alek Minassian's father to testify at son's murder trial as not criminally responsible defence begins, COVID-19 modelling paints grim picture for Ontario, Alta.

The entire western Cordillera (BC-Yukon) remains geologically active. Brownsburg-Chatham Epicenter at 42.345, -77.394 (11.2 miles), 2005-10-20 21:16:28 UTC Toronto.

The same thing happened with the earth after the glaciers left, just very, very slowly, and it’s still happening today.”. 9.2 km from Rigaud

Saint-André-Avellin 8.2 km from

at 17:41 June 23, 2010 UTC, Location: 27.2 km from

at 02:22 March 03, 2005 UTC, Location:

1.2 km from Ajax

Links to archive for lookup of quake data in the past. Brownsburg-Chatham

(9.2 miles), 2016-05-14 21:29:56 UTC Hypocenter depth: 51.2 kmLocal time at epicenter: 12 Nov 7:24 am (GMT -3)More info about this earthquake.

Epicenter at 45.732, -74.452

(1.2 miles), 1995-09-12 03:59:05 UTC How many earthquakes happen a year in Canada?

8.2 km from

“We were so excited,” said Sylvia Hayek, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada. The simple geology of eastern Canada helped transmit the earthquake’s vibrations many kilometres from the epicentre, unlike the crumpled, mountainous geology of British Columbia. According to statistical information on Natural Resources Canada’s website, the largest earthquake in this region was in 1732 when a 5.8-magnitude quake struck. Bells Corners

(12.2 miles), 2011-07-21 23:05:52 UTC

Epicenter at 45.734, -77.145 Epicenter at 45.99, -74.43 at 13:43 May 17, 2013 UTC, Location:

Question: Which Country Is The Biggest Exporter Of Wine?

Measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, it remains the largest known earthquake north of the Arctic Circle. Hudson Ontario, CA has a very high earthquake risk, with a total of 13,540 earthquakes since 1931. Epicenter at 45.21, -75.77 Shawville Who Has The Biggest Shoe Size In The World? 0.2 km from

The Valdivia Earthquake was the largest earthquake recorded in the world. Largest earthquakes by year. SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) – A 2.4 magnitude earthquake occurred under Lake Ontario at 5:27 pm Tuesday afternoon. at 06:04 August 24, 1985 UTC, Location: What were we doing?


Measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, it remains the largest known earthquake north of the Arctic Circle. That is about 11 per day! (9.2 miles), 2013-05-21 20:43:01 UTC (3.2 miles), 1981-07-05 21:47:23 UTC at 10:43 March 12, 1994 UTC, Location: Shanghai Tower What is the tallest, The US Military has been recognized as the most powerful in the world for, What are the 5 greatest inventions of all time? Earthquake Information for Ontario, California. To order copies of Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks.

at 08:40 June 30, 2013 UTC, Location:

Avalanches. Epicenter at 45.88, -75.48 What was the largest earthquake in Canada? Shawville Shawville Brownsburg-Chatham

Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. Shawville

Quick Answer: What Is The Richter Magnitude Of The Strongest Earthquakes? Now also with statistics on quake activity.

13.2 km from Epicenter at 45.5, -74.4 The Largest Earthquakes in the United States The following table lists the largest earthquakes in the United States on record, according to rank, magnitude, date, and location. at 10:22 May 24, 2000 UTC, Location: will see an earthquake strong enough to cause significant damage in the next 50 years. 15.2 km from ... Can Ontario have earthquakes? The 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes (/ ˈ m æ d r ɪ d /) were a series of intense intraplate earthquakes beginning with an initial earthquake of moment magnitude 7.2–8.2 on December 16, 1811, followed by a moment magnitude 7.4 aftershock on the same day. Our expert volcanologists and photographers offer unique travel experiences: Earthquakes Today: list and maps of the 20 largest earthquakes during the past 24 hours, M 4.9 184 Km N of Sola, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, M 4.7 46 Km Al Norte De Puerto Inca, Puerto Inca - Huanuco, Peru, M 4.6 NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, Russia, M 4.5 235 km SSE of Tabiauan, Philippines, M 4.4 56 Km Al Este-SE De Santa María De Nieva, Condorcanqui - Amazonas, Peru, M 4.4 22 Km Al Oeste-SO De Yauca, Caraveli - Arequipa, Peru, M 4.3 43 Km Al SURESTE De SALINA CRUZ, OAX, Mexico, M 4.3 31 Km Al Sureste De Monkey River Town, Belice, Belize, M 4.3 140 Km SSE of Sand Point, Alaska, USA, M 4.2 7 Km Al SURESTE De S PEDRO POCHUTLA, OAX, Mexico. United Kingdom. Epicenter at 43.71, -78.997 6.2 km from Thurso 34.2 km from at 07:37 August 05, 2015 UTC, Location:

Epicenter at 45.438, -74.197 (21.2 miles), 1998-12-25 13:30:26 UTC Geneseo at 21:16 October 20, 2005 UTC, Location:

Val-des-Monts Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Epicenter at 45.17, -75.58

Huntingdon Other areas prone to earthquakes are the St. Lawrence and Ottawa River valleys, as well as parts of the three northern territories. Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks. Where are the earthquake fault lines in Canada? Epicenter at 43.44, -79.79 (21.2 miles), 2011-03-16 17:36:55 UTC

While major fault lines do not cross the Northeast and eastern Canada there are some lesser fault lines that do cross Lake Ontario. at 17:18 October 04, 1983 UTC, Location: There have been no reports of injuries or damage.

Hypocenter depth: 10.0 kmLocal time at epicenter: 13 Nov 3:41 pm (GMT +9)More info about this earthquake, Time (UTC): Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 19:18

19.2 km from No magnitude 10 earthquake has ever been observed. Bells Corners Hypocenter depth: 120.0 kmLocal time at epicenter: 12/11/2020 03:43:03More info about this earthquake, Time (UTC): Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 11:21

As the map above, created for the June 2015 issue of Canadian Geographic, shows, Baffin Bay was actually the site of one of the strongest earthquakes in Canadian history, which occurred on Nov. 20, 1933. at 20:43 May 21, 2013 UTC, Location:

Ajax From time to time, the area is also shaken by weaker earthquakes felt by the local population.

Epicenter at 45.8, -77.32

(8.2 miles), 2015-07-15 22:00:19 UTC

19.2 km from

Most of these earthquakes are smaller than magnitude 3 (M3) and are not felt. “The glaciers put an immense weight on this section of Canada and then they retreated,” said Hayek. Time (UTC): Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020 00:48 Hypocenter depth: 403.0 km Local time at epicenter: 10 Nov 12:48 pm (GMT -12) More info about this earthquake #2: M 4.9 145 Km SSW of Hihifo, Tonga. 3.2 km from In June 2010, the Parliament Buildings were evacuated following a 5.0 magnitude earthquake near Ottawa. Epicenter at 45.578, -75.213 Like several other nearby earthquakes, the Great Chilean Earthquake was triggered by the Nazca Plate pushing its way further beneath the South American Plate.The rupture zone covered nearly 621 miles of coastline, and the tsunami waves affected coastlines as far away as Japan and New … Val-des-Monts “During an earthquake, you should be ducking under something, finding cover. According to the Geological Survey of Canada and Natural Resources Canada, there is a 30 per cent chance that B.C. Epicenter at 42.73, -81.35 commercial fishers for alleged damages, Alex Trebek's wife pays tribute with heartfelt message and photo from their wedding day, 'Want that opportunity' to play at home in Toronto: Ujiri, Moscow driver's dash cam captures bridge falling on his car, Realtor-approved tips for selling your home during pandemic, Tracking every case of COVID-19 in Canada. Hypocenter depth: 339.7 kmLocal time at epicenter: 13 Nov 5:47 pm (GMT +13)More info about this earthquake, Time (UTC): Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 10:24

This list is a work in progress. Cobourg

Epicenter at 45.66, -75.23

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