The manufacture, distribution, and treatment of laminated beams all consume less energy than any other building materials. Above is a cross laminated timber ceiling. A 1901 patent from Switzerland signalled the true beginning of glued laminated timber construction. Lamisell - UK Suppliers of Glulam Beams and Glulam / glued laminated timber beams. reliable suppliers of glulam beams . This cookies are essential for establishing the functionality of the website.

The resulting product is strong, stable, and rigid with significant advantages over structural steel and concrete. With a height of 42 metres, the Waste-to-Energy-Plant in Leeds is the largest glulam project in the UK. It is a way of manufacturing timber elements that cannot be easily sourced in solid timber due to their large size or unusual shape. What is a glulam portal frame? This is one of the longest in Europe.”. To meet the requirements of a commercial building with complex installation levels, HESS TIMBER has developed a new laminated timber beam solution using a combination of spruce and beech that allowed for large service penetrations to be formed within the beam profile whilst providing impressive load bearing capacities. Laminated beam are made by gluing timber together, under pressure and heat. We have photos to show of some of the projects that have been undertaken by the team at Laminated Beams Ltd.

The complex prefabrication as well as the subsequent preassembly and erection of the glued laminated timber elements has been one of the biggest challenges for all involved. Glulam can out-perform steel in a fire where steel distorts in high temperature the surface of timber becomes damaged, but the integrity of the shape remains intact.

THE ENGINEERED WOOD BEAM. Portal frame structures are designed to span between supports and rely on fixed joints with moment resisting capacity where vertical supports connect to horizontal beams or trusses. RSB also offers curved laminated beams made to your specifications.

This cookies are used for the comfort functionality on the website. We are proud to have been involved in this project and contributed to supporting the founding scene in the region. Call: 01409 220333.

The high weight-to-strength ratio of RSB Laminated beams allows design for maximum loads with the smallest possible end sections.RSB Laminated beams is structurally engineered timber elements with high strength, dimensional stability, good load carrying capacity, superior fire resistance, and are manufactured from select quality timber.

Today glulam is adopted for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Glued laminated timber, also known as glulam, is a versatile and innovative construction material that builders love to use for commercial and residential projects. Not only is it a solid material, but it is widely available on the market. Laminated beams is the natural alternative to steel or concrete. At Buckland Timber, our commissions range from a single glulam beam (used as a lintel or post), the framework for a residential extension, right through to the manufacture and installation of ecclesiastical buildings. Click on the preview image to show the map.Notice: An external connection to Google will be established, which will transfer your data to Google. High-quality glued laminated timber (GLT) is characterized by a high structural capacity, aesthetic aspects and the free shaping possibilities of the timber construction parts. HESS TIMBER was commissioned with the planning, production, pre-assembly at the plant as well as on-site assembly. What is glulam used for? RSB Specialist Timber Manufacture is a  recognised as one of the leading manufacture of timber  in the SA. The pavilion consists of around 18 m³ of spruce glulam and additional spruce cross laminated timber. The Centre for Digital Innovations (Zentrum für digitale Innovationen) Mainfranken in Würzburg was completed and opened in 2017. Glulam’s tensile characteristics make it suitable for long span, load-bearing widths, such as bridges. RSB carries stock of Lamstock (Pine) beams. The highlight of the project are the glued laminated timber external façade elements. We hold stocks of straight beams ready for rapid despatch nationwide. In 2015, St Peter's Stonegrove Church was completed in the London borough of Edgware.

Glulam v CLT? It is a natural structural material that is economical, strong, and aesthetic. Glulam is used for a wide range of purposes from joinery through to large span structural beams. HESS TIMBER is developing the façade system for the new Google HQ in London together with Josef Gartner GmbH, a leading global manufacturer of custom-made façades. RSB carries stock of Lamstock (Pine) beams. We use cookies to offer you an optimal website experience. As a high specification engineered timber beam, with excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability, Glulam offers many design and performance benefits and James Jones can supply Glulam in custom section sizes that are chosen to match our JJI-Joist product range depths, in three standard thicknesses of 38, 45 and 90mm. This project marks not only a milestone in the history of HESS TIMBER but also in the Australian construction industry. It was funded by the Free State of Bavaria. The beams can be specifically cut to the clients’ required lengths and, before despatch, are wrapped and securely bundled ready for safe loading. The primary and secondary roof construction consists of glulam timber spruce with spans of up to 27 meters. A laminated beam is a long-lasting material that’s easy to work with. The beams can be specifically cut to the clients’ required lengths and, before despatch, are wrapped and securely bundled ready for safe loading. To deliver all the timber and steel to Leeds, 72 trucks were needed. You can decide for yourself which categories you want to allow. Given the complexity of the supporting structure, the architecture itself and the requirements of structural wood protection, this unique project marks another milestone and a novelty in the project history of HESS TIMBER.

Read about the environmental benefits of glulam. Glulam can also be used for single beams for things like lintels (above doorways) or ridge beams in roof construction.

High-quality glued laminated timber (GLT) is characterized by a high structural capacity, aesthetic aspects and the free shaping possibilities of the timber construction parts. The access to the broad and innovative product portfolio of the entire HASSLACHER Group enables us to use the ideal product solution for every project requirement. This includes cookies that are necessary for the functionality of the site as well as third-party cookies that are only used for anonymous statistical purposes, for comfort settings or to display personalized content. Basically, wherever a steel or concrete structure is utilised for a building, glulam could also be adopted as a more sustainable and friendlier looking alternative.

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Glulam and CLT are very similar in structural and aesthetic qualities – think of CLT as glulam’s larger uncle. Laminated beams is the natural alternative to steel or concrete. Glulam can also be used for single beams for things like lintels (above doorways) or ridge beams in roof construction.

Portal frame structures can be constructed using a variety of materials and methods. At the construction site, 61 joints were then executed using the HESS LIMITLESS joint system.

reliable suppliers of glulam beams . The National Memorial Arboretum is Britain's year-round open national memorial site in Alrewas, Great Britain. Covid-19 - Our reaction. It is a spiritual place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice and promotes pride in the British armed forces and civilian population. There is more than one way to creatively employ this appealing, time-tested technology, and RSB Timber is ready to help bring your design to fruition. “For wide-span constructions, especially for those with complex geometries, which cannot be conventionally shipped, HESS LIMITLESS is the ideal solution with regard to cost efficiency. Glue laminated timber is the product of a manufacturing process where a number of smaller layers of timber are glued together to make a larger, single component. International+49 9371 4003, UK and Ireland+44 1225, Germany+49 9371 4003

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