The basics of a cocktail were wrapped up elegantly in the well balanced Whiskey Sour. One would expect that Singapore’s usual landmark suspects would form fodder for these literary greats, but the common thread that underlines all their writing lies in a stately estate that has stood in the heart of the city since 1887: the Raffles Hotel.

Bay Street We would assign groups of two or three people to go out and write a story about the Old Fashioned or the Side Car. Facebook Page, Golden Gate Community Association Website, Emeryville Triangle Neighborhood Facebook Group, Clawson & Friends Neighborhood Facebook Group, League of Women Voters -

The menu may be beautiful in look and taste, but it is not here forever.

The piece did well and led to others. The restaurant, located in an old, wooden house, its facade faded by the sun, stands in sharp contrast to the newly constructed buildings erected around it. Suddenly I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m making a Pegu Club! Famed for his travel writings, particularly on Asia, Iyer lends his voice and body of work to the shaping of the new cocktail menu. A delicious balance of sweet fruit, bitter Campari and lemon with an intensely beautiful colour. Served in an elegant coupe is an equally refined thirst-quencher that is the drink to have after escaping the brutal heat outdoors. These are the 125 most important drinks in the cocktail cannon. Iyer is the current writer-in-residence under the hotel’s new programme. Former Townhouse Bartender Paul Harrington is credited with the creation of the Jasmine and the West Coast’s contemporary cocktail ... including contemporary cocktail history. The drinks that Hammond created in the spirit of a journey nod to local and international flavours, as well as experiences that have unfolded on the grounds of the hotel. It had awesome pictures and vintage drinks.

This is something of a sophisticated sipper…. Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription. The Paul Harrington, making a Jasmine. This boils down to the employment of one person: Paul Harrington. He attended UC Berkeley in the early ‘90s, first studying engineering, and later, architecture, for which he earned his degree. As part of the connection between the bar and the writer-in-residence programme, Hammond will refresh the compendium every time a new writer makes Raffles their abode. The physical list of drinks is presented to guests in a leather-bound travel journal, featuring snapshots of Singapore, flight tickets, recipes, and scribblings from Iyer’s texts. If hyperlocal news is “essential” to you, please consider making a one-time or recurring contribution. (Photo credit: Raffles Hotel) Eternal Youth is one such example.

Santer’s bar manager gave him a copy when he was a green bartender. Novel Brewing Co. Calendar Apple Bay Street Events Just hearing about Joel’s passing here. Feature Image: Vernetti’s Townhouse circa 1970 (Photo: Oakland Tribune). He attended weekly tastings and cultivated his tasting skills, earning himself what he calls a “working man’s palate.” He said, “I can’t get into explaining why they’re telling you there is blackberry or dirty socks or whatever; that’s not me., — Robert O. Simonson (@RobertOSimonson) July 19, 2014. Follow our daily snapshots at @lifestyleasiasg, What to expect from Cardi B’s first footwear collection with Reebok, Jacob & Co.’s new Astronomia comes with a trip to Mount Everest, 5 things we know about The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, thanks to the vintage costumes, Dine on these refreshed menus this November 2020, 6 best traditional kueh deliveries in Singapore, Everything you need to know about The Glenrothes’ oldest release: a 50-year-old whisky coming to charity auction this month, Sail around Singapore’s seas with these yacht rentals and charters, London Resort, the UK’s largest theme park could be the crown jewel of your investment portfolio, Behind the Greek ghost villages that wake up for tourists, State of Art: 5 exhibitions to check out in November, Fortnightly Horoscope: A tarot reading from November 1 to November 15, 2020, This artist started a plastic bag museum as it tells the story of humanity, The new BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum is the ultimate companion for every Man of Today, Ikea x Byredo, and other new beauty products we love in November 2020, The best and most sustainable Lush gift sets to shop for this Christmas, 5 mental health apps we tried and actually liked, This white paint could reduce our need for air conditioning, Amp up your outdoor running routine with these simple tips, The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost and Ghost Extended have finally arrived in Singapore, Virgin’s Hyperloop carries passengers for the first time, Review: The iPhone 12 Pro is an upgrade that’s easily ahead of its time, Literature and history are transformed into cocktails at the new Writer’s Bar, Raffles Hotel announces its second property in Singapore.

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