Let’s start by discussing the physical characteristics of German cockroaches. Phantom is also a non-repellant which means the German cockroaches cannot detect it. Cockroach activity during the day. Let’s take a look at a few others that you need to watch out for: Since German cockroaches can breed at a rate of up to six generations every year, you shouldn’t take an infestation lightly. Fecal matter (small black dots) Take a flashlight and inspect the kitchen first, then move out from the kitchen and check behind furniture for signs of more German roaches. To use this method, mix one part sugar with one part baking soda and leave the mixture out on a plastic plate that is easily accessible to the roaches. Now, let’s talk about ways to kill them directly. Why? Cockroach Infestations. Once you have located the problem, quickly move to identify the Cockroach. We use the safest and high-quality products to remove roaches from your property. All Rights Reserved. Since German cockroaches love to hang out in kitchens and bathrooms, you can drive them out by taking away any reason for them to live there. 5. Because doing this gives a cockroach easy access to your food! This is the tell-tale sign of a German cockroach, and subsequently a German cockroach infestation. Treat the cracks and crevices of the infested areas with Phantom pesticide. Even the smallest crumbs can bring a dirty cockroach into your kitchen. German cockroaches secrete a variety of odorous chemicals. There are thousands of species of cockroaches in the world. Do not leave any reason for cockroaches to want to re-infest the area.

Because these pests reproduce so quickly, they can be a pain to get rid of.

It is unlikely that other types of roaches will infest these areas.

You should notice a massive amount of dead German cockroaches. As a professional pest control operator, it took a lot of trial and error to learn these simple but effective next few steps. It should also be noted that, although these cockroaches have wings, they rarely fly. With gloves, pick up the dead cockroach by the legs and turn it so you can easily view the head and back of the cockroach. Everywhere there is a German cockroach infestation, you will find one of three things: Take a flashlight and inspect the kitchen first, then move out from the kitchen and check behind furniture for signs of more German roaches.

Use Maxforce Magnum Gel bait. Unfortunately, German cockroaches happen to be more than just nuisance pests. Here are a few health complications that are often associated with them: If you’ve spotted a few German roaches around your home, you may have a cockroach infestation on hand. Okay – so we’ve talked about a few ways to get rid of German cockroaches by cutting out their food, water, and shelter options. Here’s what you can do to eliminate your pest problem: Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and dry. That means you’ll need to eliminate moisture and food crumbs and store your soap out of their reach. Always follow the label when using Maxforce Magnum. Here is a video why it is really important to treat behind appliances and whitegoods. German cockroaches love hanging out in kitchens and bathrooms because these areas tend to provide the moisture and food they need to survive. Follow us on Twitter for important industry news and latest updates in digital marketing. Check all bathrooms as well. Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation: 1. You can identify German cockroach droppings pretty easily because they look like ground pepper/coffee grounds and are commonly found in drawers or on countertops.

German Cockroaches Treatment and Elimination. However, when a German cockroach eats the mixture (combined with water), its stomach will explode due to a reaction caused by the baking soda! You may need to repeat the Phantom treatment if the roach problem continues to persist after a few days. German Cockroach Infestation by Nick Mason. So, be sure you clean your cabinets thoroughly to eliminate food sources for the pests. To make a DIY roach trap, you’ll just need some bowls, petroleum jelly, and food (you can use sugar, starchy foods, or pretty much anything – roaches aren’t picky eaters!). Since cockroaches are active at night, there’s a good chance that they will feed on your pet’s food unless you remove it. Yes – cockroach “food” is in the bathroom too because they eat soap and toothpaste! If you know that you have a German roach infestation, the next step is to make sure you know how far reaching the problem is. They will move around and get the Phantom pesticide on their bodies. Before you go to sleep at night, take some time to dry all sinks, bathtubs, and showers. You can also use chemical dusts or traps to get rid of them. Home » Blog » 5 Signs of a German Roach Infestation and How to Get Rid of Them. German cockroaches like to live in warm, humid places that are close to moisture and food sources.

If so, you need to act fast because German cockroach populations grow quickly! If you live in Maryland and have noticed cockroaches in your home, there’s a pretty good chance that they are German cockroaches. And be warned – these pests can trigger asthma symptoms and carry harmful bacteria. Oriental and American cockroaches prefer moist areas and tend to infest outdoor areas more than indoors. Have you identified a German cockroach in your home? While German cockroach infestations occur in a variety of human occupied spaces, they are most often associated with restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, nursing homes and other institutional facilities. Shed skins of German cockroaches. Cockroaches are nocturnal, so if you see them scuttling across your floor during... 2. Wait at least 24 hours for maximum effect.

They may be a cause of allergic reactions as well as certain illnesses in people. You should also make sure all of your trash cans are tightly sealed so that no roaches can sneak into them.

Remove all spills, all grease, all crumbs etc. Then, you can dispose of the pest. 5 Signs of a German Roach Infestation and How to Get Rid of Them, What Causes Cockroaches in Your House & How to Get Rid of Them, How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Maryland During the Summer Rainy Season. They can pick up germs as they crawl through sewage or decaying matter and contaminate food. So, an infestation of German cockroaches (or any other dangerous home pests) should not be taken lightly! Find a dead cockroach. Keep the areas clean and you shouldn’t have to deal with German cockroaches again. It is very important to do this step first.

After the waiting period, come back to the baited areas to inspect. If you find a dead German cockroach, it’s pretty likely that his friends are nearby – alive and infesting your home. Our Linkedin network is a great place to meet the best professionals in our industry. Next use the Phantom.

This bait should be placed small pea-sized amounts of bait in hard to reach places underneath sinks, in cracks and crevices and behind appliances. A large number of smaller brown cockroaches in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Instead, put opened bags of food in tightly sealed plastic containers.

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