Course duration may vary depending on public holidays and other Army requirements.

Read our For more details download our The Department of Defence requires ADF employees to have security clearances appropriate to their employment. We create maps for commanders to get a fair understanding of the terrain during missions.

Further information is also available at the Army Recruit Training Centre website. Army MOS 35G have a rewarding career in the military and the job skills they acquire are useful after leaving the U.S. Armed Forces Image: An Army Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst (MOS 35G) receives pay based on military rank, not MOS.. The application process to join the Australian Defence Force requires you to complete a series of aptitude tests which may include verbal, spatial and numerical ability and a general maths test. The primary role of a Geospatial Technician is the provision of mapping intelligence to the commander. Imagery Analysis, Imagery capture and exploitation, advanced computing and leadership courses may be offered as technicians’ progress through their career.

Aspects of your training may result in the award of civil qualifications - something you can check with your Instructional Staff when you conduct your Initial Employment Training. In the Army you'll get paid a good salary from day one regardless of your age, experience or qualifications; and your pay increases as you progress through training.In addition to base pay you'll receive a variety of allowances, extra pay for relevant qualifications – plus 16.4% superannuation, a far higher rate than you're likely to find in the civilian world. As such, it is strongly recommended that all applicants obtain the required documentation as soon as possible to provide the best opportunity to be employed in their preferred employment category. An understanding of weapon systems, meteorology, statistics, terrorism and human demographics enhance the technicians’ skills. Critical quick-thinking coupled with a solid foundation in the use of mapping software is essential to create visually appealing maps and geospatial intelligence. In light of current events, Defence Force Recruiting is conducting all sessions virtually. Note: Attendance is reliant on individuals achieving a Negative Vetting Level 1 security clearance.

The aim of the DIRAC is to train Defence Personnel in research skills and analytical techniques. Conditions of Service. NOTE: The security clearance is critical to an applicants successful progression through the Army training system. The geospatial intelligence imagery analyst is responsible for analyzing overhead and aerial imagery developed by photographic and electronic means. Recruit training is the same for male and female entrants. Only Australian Citizens are permitted to serve in the ADF. To be enlisted or appointed, you must be medically and physically fit for entry to your chosen occupation.

Find out more in our Citizenship page or ask your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre. The emphasis throughout the course is on learning and development of the individual. You will also find the Geospatial Intelligence Analyst in units or detachments that have specific requirements for geospatial support, including Special Forces units. Duration: 10 working days (not including weekends). Recruits gain a sense of achievement, purpose and confidence during basic training, and on completion of the course feel justifiably proud of what they have achieved. The Geospatial Intelligence Analyst serves in units and headquarters throughout Australia at the tactical, operational and strategic level, usually as part of a small team. Note: Course duration may vary depending on public holidays and other Army requirements. Applicants will not be allowed to enter the ADF until they achieve a minimum of 17 years of age, however they may be able to initiate the application process from 16 years and six months of age, depending upon the capacity of their local recruiting centre. During Military (Initial Recruit) Training and (Initial) Employment Training, members may be required to pay a contribution towards meals, accommodation and utilities. The U.S. Army decides to treat all Military Occupational Specialties equal by not compensating one military job more than another one.

Required information includes: Once you are qualified as a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst, you are required to apply for, and retain, a TOP SECRET Positive Vetting security clearance. This document provides information that will assist applicants for roles in the Navy, Army and Air Force, including details about the recruitment process, how to prepare yourself for assessment, and what to expect if you are successful in joining the Australian Defence Force.

Defence Force Recruiting can then help you identify jobs that best match your abilities. Join the ADF with appropriate high school passes. They provide Army personnel with critical information about enemy forces, potential battle areas and combat operations support. Australian Citizenship is a requirement for a security clearance and a clearance will only be granted to a non-citizen in exceptional circumstances. The aptitude tests provide information about your suitability for the Defence Force and for particular jobs.

Your Careers Coach can advise on how IMPS will relate to your chosen occupation. Psychology support staff will explain what is involved with each test. Duration: 15 days (not including weekends). If an applicant is unable to obtain the required security clearance in time, they will not be allowed to continue their training and may need to be re-allocated to another employment category. The role of Aust Int is to support the military decision making processes at the tactical, operational and strategic level. You will be required to obtain Australian Citizenship as early as possible following enlistment or appointment. This is partially assessed from the completion of an extensive questionnaire covering your medical history, followed by a physical examination. Subsequent periods of service may be offered subject to the requirements of the ADF and your suitability for further service.

For further details on medical and physical fitness standards refer to Physical Fitness Standards for Entry into the ADF and Medical Process for Entry into the ADF.

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