For example, the Muslim and Jewish religions discourage their followers from eating pork because the source of the meat is an allegedly cursed animal according to their beliefs.

Cross-cultural psychology is the psychological practice that focuses on the study of the cultural effects on human psychology. In addition, the Hindus do not take beef because they believe that the source of the meat is holy and a symbol of their god.

Therefore, such people cannot take junk food even when it is readily available. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine focuses on lots of plants (fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes) with only small amounts of meat, dairy, and olive oil. Thank you, Mabel.

Food Habits and Culture: Factors Influence.

At the same time, season also have effect on our eating habits and culture. You are right, the last two photos are dishes I made at home XD. Many in Finland, nearly all them off and some, as we in my family, are barefoot in our home. Yeah…. Inculcating Good Eating Habits Japan is one such place in the world that is known to have strange food traditions and customs. However fruit is also saturated with sugars and it can be easy to overeat fruit – any bit of sugar does contribute to calories and our diet. Trying new recipes sounds very adventurous, making cooking quite the challenge like how making the pot stickers took a while to make. Interactions with different cultures influence the food habits of the involved people (Helstosky, 2009). While multicourse meals are also part of Asian dining, balance is key here: there is usually a soup, a base of rice or noodles and a vegetable and meat dish served.

Ironically, Americans are more concerned with the health aspects of food and get less pleasure out of it. It is excellent. Of course everyone knows eating in Europe and in America isn’t the same. “Thai Culture”

You got a very good catch there, one who cooks and cleans. The pot stickers were made many times, though always more successful as a group effort, one person to make the filling, one person to make the wraps, one person to fill the wrappers, and the last to cook the dumplings. People of different … If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. Everyone can bring a dish of food they grew up eating and it will be such a delicious feast. There’s also hearsay in Asian cultures that placing cutlery upside down invites spirits to dine with you (not sure where this came from). Most of the students in this study had healthy eating habits. Very sharp of you to notice some Asian cultures like Indian culture imitating Western food styles. PSY/450 Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology I want to discuss how food habits and culture influenced by geographical factors, religions factors,social factors and economic factors. In order to observe the interactions between individuals from different cultural background, my partner: Gina Nguyen and I went to the Macy’s department store, located downtown Boston.

Your post made me ravenous and longing for SE Asia. Some religions view the consumption of wine as a form of drunkenness, while others have no problem with such issues (Counihan & Esterik, 2008). The food habits of a group of people/community can be described as the reasons for eating, the methods used while eating, the types of food eaten, and the mode of storage. For example, junk foods are readily available and cheap. At home, I mostly choose easy to cook or ready-prepared meals, regardless of origin. The dumpling looks too perfect in shape, probably hard to make by hand:), Haha, thank you so much but I think I can improve with cooking. I just bought a copy in April when my daughter and i went on that independent bookstore tour. There are different ways of dining all around the world. The emphasis placed on food’s appearance. In such a case, the person’s perceptions of food and the process of preparing it to influence his/her food habits and culture.

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