50% Off a Mattress Protector with Mattress Purchase Sale ends November 12th. Best Mattresses from Canada. Do not get discouraged the first night. The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress is an extremely close second to the Douglas Mattress and we had trouble deciding between the two. The top is a full-body cooling gel foam layer and the bottom is made of total support foam. It was the first of the four mattresses I tested to arrive at my apartment—likely thanks to Endy running a fulfillment centre in Langley, B.C., which services Western Canada—and I was not prepared for how heavy it is. Sustainability: Casper uses Certipur-US-certified foams. Endy uses Certipur-US-certified foams, which means they are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and lead, and FSC-certified cardboard boxes, which means the material was responsibly produced. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. After reviewing several, bed in a box mattresses in Canada, we have narrowed the top eight we think will work best for a night of comfy sleep. So, you have decided that a bed in a box delivered directly to your door is the way to go, but what else should you know? We’ve put together a list of the top Canadian bed-in-a-box mattress companies to help you buy the right mattress, with the right information, and at the right price. Aside from its patriotic nature, this is a well-made product that provides relief on all those pressure points and balanced support for everyone. Best Mattress in a Box. This isn’t a deal breaker, but something worth noting. The contents of this website are meant for informational purposes only. Disclaimer: We are owned and operated by GoodMorning.com. This is typical of foam mattresses, though the effect was particularly pronounced with the Douglas.

Full details.

Another perk is that you get a generous trial period to test out your new mattress. The high-density base provides support for motion isolation to reduce the transfer of motion between you and your partner.

(Scissors did the job just fine for me.) Do not let your partner’s tossing and turning take away from a good night’s sleep.

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Has a Canadian bed-in-a-box caught your eye. Unboxing: The Casper comes with a small booklet of instructions, though, again, the process is pretty intuitive. You can rest assured, whatever you buy will be the best according to our standards! Best Mattress in a Box.

The comfort zone of foam allows for air circulation to disperse heat and give you that perfect cool night sleep. You might be changing to memory foam from a traditional mattress and that alone is an adjustment. Unboxing: The Douglas is rolled and sealed in plastic the same way that the Endy and Casper are (though the box doesn’t come with instructions), but for some reason I found the Douglas a lot quicker to unwrap. Easy! Reality: Of the four mattresses I tested, I had heard the least online chatter about Polysleep but I very much enjoyed my snooze time on it. While most mattress brands seek to maximize comfort or sales, Recore helps to maximize your overall daytime performance through the latest insights in sleep science. The Canadian-made Hamuq mattress was one of the first bed-in-a-box hybrid mattresses.

Its elegant exterior also appeals to the traditional mattress buyer. Canadian-made, luxury mattress with a … There are no buzzwords or confusing concepts – just a good night’s sleep at a very attractive low price. Recore uses performance-grade graphite latex, a SilverCharged™ antimicrobial cover, and Vortex™ cooling gel foam. to Polysleep and the aforementioned Casper (which now runs a manufacturing plant in Quebec for the Canadian market), we put four Canadian beds-in-a-box to the snooze test to see how they stack up. The top quilted layer features a moisture wicking fabric and under that a cooling layer of gel foam plus three zones of pocketed springs keep air circulating and you cool and comfortable all night long. This is also the layer that helps reduce that motion between sleeping partners, so you can have a restful night’s sleep. To find the best mattress in Canada one needs to look north and south of the Canadian border. These days, mattresses-in-a-box are as commonplace on the Internet as cat videos. This isn’t a deal breaker, but something worth noting. This mattress is made just for Canadians. Sustainability: Polysleep uses foams that are Certipur-US-certified, and 100 percent Canadian-sourced materials. (Though it’s worth noting that Edmonton-based Novosbed was on the scene first in 2009.). This is why many of the mattresses on our list require you to keep it for approximately 30 days before you can even think about sending it back. You do not want to get your new mattress only to find that it will not fit. Doubling down on its “all-Canadian” promise, the bed wins aesthetic points with its red-and-white palette and the mountain graphic printed on the mattress cover. The Douglas Mattress is our pick for the best bed in a box mattress in Canada. Canada’s beds-in-a-box have their share of similarities—removable covers, breathable top layers, a commitment to donating gently used mattresses to local charities—though which one you go with depends on your own personal preferences and values. The mattress comes with a micro-quilted cover that is removable and washable. Read Review > Made In. Prices start at $649 CAD. This bed has five layers of memory foam and reinforced springs.

For uninterrupted, supported sleep, this mattress is your best bet. We hire 3rd-party engineers and use public data to rate mattresses on over 25 criteria we believe important. It also includes a washable removable top cover that is extremely luxurious. Recore uses allergen-free graphite latex foam to provide you with a healthy and clean sleep surface.

Views expressed here are our opinions only. The three-layered, Canadian-made Endy is available in one firmness and is competitively priced in the growing bed-in-a-box industry. Based in Montreal and manufactured in Quebec, Expectation: “The Polysleep offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, offering a better night’s rest.”. Full details. (Scissors did the job just fine for me.) 50% Off a Mattress Protector with Mattress Purchase Sale ends November 12th. We put four popular direct-to-consumer beds to the snooze test. It also uses a proprietary support frame that actually works—virtually no flattening happens when you sit on any side of the bed.

Reality: Douglas describes itself as “medium-firm,” but I’d say it’s more medium when compared to the Endy, Casper and Polysleep (review below!). When you first open your new mattress there are a few things to remember just in case you are thinking you will immediately be in love. Some foam mattresses will require a flat hard surface, while others will work fine with slats.

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