Her refusal to spin broad themes for late-millenials to latch onto seems to be a reason why - two albums, five EPs and a co-sign from Kendrick deep into her career - she’d been plagued with well-meaning tags like ‘underrated’ and not quite received her dues among mainstream audiences. Live on Record is the first recorded instance of Contour the band, which follows Khari’s winding bass and vocals through smooth, slow grooves that can really get you thinking if you’re in the right headspace. A true rebel, the long-serving Dutch DJ and producer doesn’t give a fuck what you think and always, always does her own thing. Louis Anderson-Rich. Cameron Holbrook, The five members of Jamaican production powerhouse Equiknoxx have all worked together over the last decade, but this album is the first time all five have been on the same record. 2019 was a very good year for South Carolina music, and we can only expect that 2020 will see the same kind of development. Over the past few years, Brother Oliver has grown from mostly acoustic beginnings, to later injecting some rock into it with their 2017 self-titled release. Unmasked, he manages to maintain the bite he’s been known for up until this point.

And, ICYMI, he’s going to release four albums “he made in his underpants” in the coming months. Vibes. Die hard fans were thus left extremely thirsty for new Moodymann material. 2/11 10. Whether it’s the deep acid textures of ‘I’ll Provide’, the banging percussion on ‘I Think Of Saturday’, the sensual melodies of ‘If I Gave U My Love’, the jazzy journey in ‘Downtown’ or the brilliant sample work littered throughout ‘Sinner’, the album is a crowd pleaser for Moodymann fans both old and new. Dense, Translippers incorporate a mystical flute and relaxed 303 play making the track even more hypnotizing, indigenous even. Tool, 2019. Like many producers from his country, he flies under the radar, but don’t sleep on this record that could arguably be the best house music album of 2019. With ‘Local Fuzz’, Gene On Earth reveals the scope of his sound profile with ten tracks touching on boom-bap, stripped-back electro rollers, ambient excursions, swinging house heat, soaring cosmic ballads and all that dancefloor magic that he’s become known for in such a short time. DJ Marcelle is the antidote to homogenised dance music. It slipped out just in time for the end of the year, and it’s a positive mark for the South Carolina music scene in 2019. “CITY OF BRIDGES (EXCERPT)” – KATE CARR [LONGFORM EDITIONS]. It’s Post Country. Nick Klein and Lack’s heavy background in the underground dance and ambient culture is evident in this precise production.

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