In all European countries, the sovereign Grand Duke (or Grand Prince in some eastern European languages) is considered the third-highest monarchic title in precedence, after Emperor and King.

), CA′RIUS (Karios), the Carian, a surname of Zeus, under which he had a temple at Mylassa in Caria, which belonged to the Carians, Lydians, and Mysians in common, as they were believed to be brother nations. 53. 31, xix. Traditional rank amongst European royalty, peers, and nobility is rooted in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. viii. v. 21. xii. 30. 49.

(Plut. i. 206. 1550, &c.), ALEXI′CACUS (Alexikakos), the averter of evil, is a surname given by the Greeks to several deities, as -- Zeus (Orph. 20. p. (Strab. Phoen.

i. In keeping with the principle of equality among noblemen, no noble titles (with few exceptions) below that of prince were allowed in Poland. vii. 1253; Plut. § 6, viii. hymn.

7. 11, in fin. Rhod. 32. ), AGE′TOR (Agêtôr), a surname given to several gods, for instance, to Zeus at Lacedaemon (Stob. Palat. ), MO′RIUS (Morios), that is, the protector of the sacred olive trees, occurs as a surname of Zeus. Wang (王), the head of state of Ancient China. Auscult. iii. (Paus. AMBU′LIUS, AMBU′LIA, and AMBU′LII (Amboulia, Amboulioi, and Amboulios), surnames under which the Spartans worshipped Athena, the Dioscuri, and Zeus. Apesas. ), CENAEUS (Kênaios), a surname of Zeus, derived from cape Cenaeum in Euboea, on which the god had a temple. § 4), and 3. of Bacchus. 4.) 63.). 1, 7), and of Pan (Anthol. This page lists the cult titles of the god. i. The actual rank of a title-holder in Germany depended not only on the nominal rank of the title, but also the degree of sovereignty exercised, the rank of the title-holder's suzerain, and the length of time the family possessed its status within the nobility (Uradel, Briefadel, altfürstliche, neufürstliche, see: German nobility).

513) and Sophocles (Trach. Quite often, a Latin 3rd declension noun formed a distinctive feminine title by adding -issa to its base, but usually the 3rd declension noun was used for both male and female nobles, except for Imperator and Rex. Serm.

p. 659 ; Herod. Ctesius occurs also as a proper name. ix.

In Thessaly and Boeotia, Zeus was likewise worshipped under this name. Ran. ), AGO′NIUS (Agônios), a surname or epithet of several gods. ), AEGIDU′CHOS or AEGI′OCHOS (Aigidouchos or Aigiochos), a surname of Zeus, as the bearer of the Aegis with which he strikes terror into the impious and his enemies. Col. 705; comp. ), EVA′NEMUS (Euanemos), the giver of favourable wind, was a surname of Zeus, under which the god had a sanctuary at Sparta. ), DICTAEUS (Diktaios), a surname of Zeus, derived from mount Dicte in the eastern part of Crete. The Athenians called their month of Gamelion after these divinities. ACRAEUS (Akraios).

574. In this sense it is used as a surname or attribute of several divinities, such as Apollo (Hom. xiv. p. 660; comp. See also. LECHEA′TES (Lecheatês) i.e. Does not confer nobility in the British system.

19. In Aegina there was a sanctuary of Zeus Panhellenius, which was said to have been founded by Aeacus; and a festival, Panhellenia, was celebrated there. 292, 297), and, in fact, nearly all the gods might be regarded as the protectors of marriage, though the five mentioned by Plutarch perhaps more particularly than others. AGAMEMNON (Agamemnôn). huês.) 355; Steph. ), CHRYSAOR (Chrusaôr). ), -- to Apollo, who was worshipped under this name by the Athenians, because he was believed to have stopped the plague which raged at Athens in the time of the Peloponnesian war (Paus. 1. 12. 24. 478. Under this name he had an altar at Olympia. § 9; Müller, Aeginet. Zeus was also titled with the names of foreign gods with whom he was identified:--, Some of his titles were obscure in meaning:--, Some general terms pertaining to the god's cult include:--. Olymp.

(Lycoph. According to Hesychius and the Etymologicum M., a surname of Zeus, describing him as the avenger of evil deeds. LARISSAEUS (Larissaios), surnames of Zeus and Apollo, derived from the arx Larissa at Argos (Paus. s. v.; Aeschyl. Those holding non-sovereign ranks held only a mediate relationship (meaning that the civil hierarchy upwards was mediated by one or more intermediaries between the rank holder and the Emperor). Hymn in Jov.82.) Meyers Taschenlexikon Geschichte 1982, vol 2, p. 106. Il. § 2. The feminine form, Mechanitis (Mêchanitis), occurs as a surname of Aphrodite, at Megalopolis, and of Athena. ), ALASTOR (Alastôr). Outside of the HRE, the most common sovereign rank of these below was that of Prince. Marcellin. 31. 37. i. Quaest. 3rd declension nouns are italicized in this chart. xi. xiv. 548. A surname of Zeus, under which he was worshipped at Sparta. § 4; Strab. § 3, viii. ANCHE′SMIUS (Anchedmios), a surname of Zeus derived from the hill Anchesmus in Attica, on which, as on several Attic hills, there was a statue of the god. 426) where however Elmsley and others prefer halêtôr :-- to Hermes, who conducts the souls of men to the lower world.

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